Find leaks BEFORE they destroy your city.



Forget about disastrous sink holes and costly pipe bursts. Working with Watchtower gives you a greater understanding of your city’s pipe network, allowing you to pinpoint potential disasters while they are still only small leaks.


How it works

Utilizing our patented robot, we are revolutionizing the way cities maintain their water systems. At a tenth the cost and 5 times the speed of traditional leak detection, our system makes it feasible to examine an entire city’s pipe infrastructure. Finding leaks and fixing problems before they ever show up on the surface. All you have to do is tell us what pipes to examine and we will handle the rest.



Stay in the know. If a pipe leaks, find it, and fix it. Our system allows you to preventatively maintain pipes instead of reactively dealing with disasters.



You can be as removed from or involved in the inspection process as you want. We can handle everything up to delivering insightful data to your computer screen. Or, we can train your personnel to do the same.

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Our robot remembers everything. While it is in your pipes, it is constantly mapping your network in 3 dimensions. This allows you to always dig with confidence.